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Bev Chapman, the Financial Adviser
About Bev Chapman

I started Values in 1997. From 1994-1997 I had been a financial planner at Delessert Financial Services. I completed the CFP® courses through the College of Financial Planning in 1997. In 1998 I passed the comprehensive exam, was awarded the CFP® license. I am a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors.

Soon after starting Values, I recognized that many of my clients needed some more in-depth process if they were to change the patterns that kept them from achieving their goals and/or feeling at peace with money. I have pursued these skills by:

  • Joining the Nazrudin Project, a think-tank of financial planners exploring the emotional and spiritual dimensions of money.
  • Training with George Kinder in his "Seven Stages of Money Maturity" program, and then teaching this two-day workshop in pro-bono settings.
  • Taking a coaching course for financial planners from Agnes Mura of Corporate Coach U. Intl.
  • Participating in a financial coaching course with Judy Martindale
  • Taking Maria Nemeth's course, "You and Money."
  • Attending the Coaching to Excellence program, and various coaching round-tables, with New Ventures West.
  • Experiencing the challenges and the exhilaration of being a "coachee" of Susan Merrill of "Choosing Well."

All in all I have become increasingly impressed by the profound growth and change that can be engendered through the coaching process, and have seen how useful it can be with money issues.

Back in 1994, however, the move into financial planning, was a career change for me after 20 years in the arts and humanities. I had graduated from Wellesley College in 1972, and then completed an MA in Performing Arts Management from American University in 1977. Between 1972 and 1983, I held a series of positions managing non-profit organizations in the arts:
• Director of Programs at Glen Echo Arts Park.
• Managing Director of the Lebensburger Foundation
• Director of Trinity Square Repertory Company's Humanities Program (which was awarded "The Most Distinguished Humanities Program in the United States" by the Consortium of State Humanities Councils)

From 1983-1994 I had a free-lance writing and editing business. By 1994, it was time for a change -- though financial planning would seem to be a pretty dramatic change! But I had come to see, in so many settings, that confusion and conflict over money issues was a common thread. Whether individuals, couples or family relations; whether non-profits or businesses, large or small, the need to untangle the confusion and make clear, informed financial decisions is universal.

Bev Chapman, Certified Financial Planner® and Coach

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