Financial Counseling and Education

Financial Coaching

Coaching is a short-term, structured process that gives the support needed for growth and change. Coaching is especially helpful if you want to make changes in the way you deal with money.

Many clients enter a coaching engagement with me as a follow-up to financial planning. For those who want and need support for putting the strategies we have outlined into action, a coaching program is ideal. We evolve a set of concrete, short-term action items, and we schedule regular telephone appointments to support you through "getting it done!"

Other clients set up a coaching program with me because they have a goal they aren't quite sure how to realize. Coaching is especially helpful in a time of transition, when the path forward isn't clear. If you have a project you're trying to complete, but you keep getting derailed on the way, coaching can be invaluable.

Our work together may not be overtly about money issues. However, money touches so many aspects of our lives – how we earn it, spend it, give it, receive it, steward it, risk it, invest it – that changes in the way we think about money may be part of the solution after all. The support of a coach can make all the difference between remaining stuck in the same old patterns and achieving goals that seemed impossible.

Each coaching program is individually designed for the client's particular goals and needs. Depending on the goals to be accomplished, the coaching program may last anywhere from two to six months, and may involve one to four brief coaching sessions per month. Most of these sessions can be successfully handled by phone, though intermittent face-to-face sessions are also helpful. The fee for this service, which is based on the amount of time involved, will be determined at the start of the individual's coaching program, but can range from $200 to $400 per month.