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This website is solely for the purpose of making information about Bev Chapman and the services offered at Values: Financial Counseling and Education available to those who may be seeking it. The information in this website should not be construed to be offering investment advice. Nor is it an advertisement soliciting business.

Bev Chapman is listed with the state of Massachusetts as a Registered Investment Adviser, and her services as a financial planner are regulated accordingly. She will not solicit or accept business in any state in which she is not registered or qualified to conduct business by virtue of a state de minimus exemption. This website does not provide investment advice, nor does it offer to provide investment advisory services in any state in which
Values: Financial Counseling and Education is not currently authorized to do so.

It is understood that the above regulations refer to financial planning engagements and to any work involving investment advice. Coaching programs, which make no reference to investment advice, are not subject to the above regulations.