Financial Counseling and Education

Why Values?
Why do I call my practice Values?

The underlying principle in all my work – whether in financial planning, coaching, or seminars – is helping clients align their life choices with their own core values.

The financial planning process is a great opportunity to stop – breathe – and see the current financial situation clearly. We take a look at the numbers and see what they can tell us. But at the base, the most fundamental question is about what really matters to us. As the Cheshire Cat said when Alice asked which way she should go, "That depends a great deal upon where you want to get to."

And so the most basic part of financial planning is clarifying and prioritizing "where you want to get to." When you take action steps that are aligned with your own core values, there is an empowerment and confidence that is difficult to attain in any other way, and you definitely move forward toward accomplishing your goals.

In coaching, you get one-on-one, personalized support in working toward your goals. Together we lay out concrete, short-term action steps. We identify the obstacles (inner and outer) that might keep you from actually taking the action steps and find the resources that will help you get past those obstacles. But the transformational "magic" of coaching comes when the goal is clearly aligned with your core values. Then you expand your vision of what is possible, find resources you thought were beyond your reach, and accomplish goals you had thought were hopeless. It is the energy of your own core values that make the impossible possible.

— And so the name of my business is Values.

Bev Chapman, Certified Financial Planner® and Coach